Connect Kids

Loving your Kids

Your child is very special to us! Our prayer is that our examples of Jesus’ love, truthful biblical teachings, plus LOTS of fun, will encourage them to START their relationship with Christ, STEADY their focus on Christ, and STAY on the road with Christ.


Our focus in the nursery is to be examples of Jesus’ love, care, and nurturing your little ones. We do this with lessons that are reinforced with song, play and supervised activities designed for the ability of the child. Ages 0-2.

Sunday School

Sunday School is available on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month (whole church gatherings) for Primary school aged Kids. Classes are available for all kids from P1 to P7. Your kids are more than welcome. As you enter the building there will be someone to take your details and get your kids checked-in for Sunday School.

Normally kids leave for classes after the first half of the service (there will be an announcement).


Youth meets most Saturdays evenings, either at Connect or at one of our homes. Check out our events calendar for the most up-to-date times and locations. Everyone aged Year 8 and above is invited to come for fun games and learning to follow Jesus together.

New To Connect?


The Kids and youth leave for their classes at the end of the worship time in the main service. You may take your kids to one of the leaders and they will help assign your kids to the correct class.