Mid-Size Groups

Join A Mid-Size Group

Mid-size groups are varied in style and function, please see below a list of mid-size groups that are launching this autumn. Follow the links below to join a mid-size group.

Breakfast Church

Breakfast Church Intro

Breakfast Church – Testimonies & Toast will involve sharing breakfast and testimonies together on a Sunday Morning.

We will encourage each other to share stories of God’s past and ongoing work in our lives and plan to invite special guests to share their testimonies too.

We hope that group participants will invite friends and family who are not currently engaged in Christian community.

We will also make space for Prayer and praise at this group. 

We hope that this Mid-Sized Group will:

– provide opportunity for missional engagement
– help foster deeper community within Connect CF
– provide opportunities to serve each other and grow in our giftings.

There is currently no plan to include a structured kid’s program, although children are very welcome at Breakfast Church. We plan to accommodate young children with a play area where parents can supervise their own children.

Meeting on: Sundays
Time: 10:00AM

Breakfast Church is Full for This Sunday

The F.E.A.S.T

Family That Eats And Serves Together

The Family that eats and serves together group, is a group that is open to all (we are one church family).

We will meet twice a month, with one Sunday dedicated to meeting for a meal, sharing, learning, listening to God’s spirit and of course having some fun together. During the meal we will aim to share communion together as we eat, share stories and learn more about what it means to be practice the way of Jesus.

The second meet of the month will be dedicated to serving our community and building relationships with those around us. These activiates will be varied, but family friendly and fun.

We would love to build a multi-generational group that practices the way of Jesus in our community.

We believe that we are here to be a blessing to those around us and we aim to learn what that can look like as we work it out together as a family.

Meeting on: Sundays + Various Days
Time: This Sunday we will be meeting at 11 am in the Connect Centre

Cafe Church

Cafe Church Intro

Cafe Church will be an informal, accessible environment for all ages to meet, learn and grow together.

We all know the value of spending time with people over coffee or round the kitchen table to deepen relationships and do life with one another, and we hope that Cafe Church will provide space to do the same.

While allowing lots of time to chat and connect with one another, there will also be a very loose informal structure weaved through it – some talking points or questions on the table to inspire discussion, some sung worship, a little bit of prayer or reading the bible together, some people sharing from the front, some informal activities for the children, and obviously there will be plenty of tea, coffee and buns!

Our prayer is that as we meet together in such a way, we will grow deeper in our relationships with each other, become more aware of each other’s needs and concerns, be lead to pray together, and disciple one another and point each other to Jesus. We also want it to be a space that we can invite others in to share in the good news of Jesus.

We hope you can join us.

Meeting on: Sundays
Time: 3:00PM