Living the Resurrected Life

Communion, two tables.

Celebration meal

21 July 2019 Speaker: Nigel J.
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What does the Bible tell us about heaven.

Looking forward to Heaven

14 July 2019 Speaker: John Matthews
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Linda & Davey on listening to God

Hearing God’s voice

7 July 2019 Speaker: Davey & Linda Hoy
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God is Safe

Radical Faith

23 June 2019 Speaker: Nigel J.
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What's the purpose of denying yourself?

Denial of Self

16 June 2019 Speaker: Willie Patterson
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For everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your own hand.


9 June 2019 Speaker: Paul Paynter
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Love for Jesus should be evident.

Living the Resurrected Life 2

2 June 2019 Speaker: Martin Holley
Speaker Notes:

Don't look at your surroundings, look to God.

Living the resurrected life.

26 May 2019 Speaker: Barry Hyland
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