We recently announced that Pearl Dunlop was forming a new team called the Care and Connection Team. 

This will be a small team led by Pearl to triage the circumstantial needs of certain groups within Connect CF and promote a culture of connection to visitors and new attendees at our public meetings, especially the Whole Church Gathering. 

The groups we have in mind are 1) those who are becoming more vulnerable due to their age 2) whose who are seriously unwell or receiving medical treatment 3) anyone who is part of Connect CF and who experiences a bereavement 4) those with new-born babies and young children. 

The Care and Connection team is not to provide all the ‘pastoral care’ throughout the church, but rather to encourage a culture where everyone can contribute to each other’s needs, and especially the immediate needs of those who are vulnerable due to their circumstances. 

The primary thrust of the Care and Connection Team will be to assess needs, and communicate appropriately to others, what people wish to have communicated about their circumstances. 

The activities of the Care and Connection Team could include: 

  • Finding out what people want communicated to the Intercession Team, the whole church, to family members etc.
  • Ascertaining, in cooperation with those who need support, what practical issues can be dealt with i.e., Meal Trains, lifts to appointments etc.
  • Managing a database of contact details i.e., next-of-kin, key holders (for those who are older and vulnerable, and somewhat isolate).
  • Informing the Overseers about significant issues on a need-to-know basis.
  • Making sure that new attendees are welcomed (especially at Whole Church Gatherings) and then linking them up with others in Connect CF. 

We are delighted to say that those joining the Care and Connection Team are Siobhan Ferguson – Smith, William and Ruth Kennedy, Wilbert and Gladys Steen and Wilbert and Wendy Morton.

The formation of a Care and Connection Team does not diminish the responsibility for all within the church to care for each other, nor should it diminish the exercise of the ‘grace gifts’ such as ministering and showing mercy (Romans 12:3-8) that Christ has given to the church. Nor should it diminish the responsibility for Overseers to function as pastors of the whole flock together. It is intended to coordinate things in the current context of Connect CF in ways that everyone can get involved in the care of one another. 

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” Jesus

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us. 

Paul Paynter and Pearl Dunlop

October 2022