Shared Threads is a community of women across N Ireland and Ireland who are working together to help remove limitations that menstruation can put on women and girls, such as the freedom to attend school. We make cloth sanitary pads from recycled cotton and towels to send to girls and women who have no access to sanitary products, offering a free, washable, sustainable solution to manage their monthly period with dignity.

Shared Threads delivers thousands of pads all over the world as well as locally, distributed through partner organisations and charities alongside great menstrual education. In February our first package of hygiene period packs being sent to Moldova following a story told by Rachel Hickson from during the Connect online prayer conference in November 2020. We are delighted to be able support Charlotte and Johannes in the work they do at Casa Helen and among the girls and women in the mountain villages in Moldova. (In addition to Shared Threads packs a donation of £2000 was made from Connect CF to Casa Helen before Christmas 2020)

Other packs have been sent to projects in India, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Uganda with some also being sent to charities here in the UK. 

The need is great and the requests for packs are growing.  We would love it if you were able to help us. At the moment we have LOTS of donated towelling and cotton but we do need more folk who can sew!! So if you have a sewing machine we need you!! The stitching is very simple and you can do as much or as little as you want to in your own time, in your own home!!  You can even choose which aspect of the pack you would prefer to make. We work as a team, no one person makes a complete pack! Some folks cut out, trace and pin materials, some write the personal notes that go into each pack while others sew. So if you feel this might be something you would be interested in please do not hesitate to contact me for a ‘no pressure’ chat on 07857440624

If you would like to see what a period pack looks like or to learn more about Shared Threads please visit the website at 


Pearl Dunlop